1954 Mercedes-Benz Sold for Record Breaking $30 Million


This past Saturday, a Mercedes-Benz race car was sold at an auction in England for $30 million dollars making it the most expensive Mercedes-Benz

The Mercedes-Benz that went for $30 million dollars at an auction this past weekend is not just any ordinary Mercedes (as shown by the price), but a W196R Formula 1 race car. Previously driven by legendary legendary race-car driver Juan Manuel Fangio, this Mercedes was part of a group of cars that won 9 World Championship-qualifying Grand Prix races in 1954 and ‘55.

The car was sold in it’s original condition, with no cleaning or restoration, leaving scuff marks and chipped paint from it’s racing days on the exterior. With it’s great historical value for race enthusiasts and the limited amount (only 10 of 14 original W196R exist today) there is no wonder someone was willing to shell out the record breaking $30 million.

What do you think of the $30 million dollar Mercedes-Benz, does it deserve to be the most expensive car purchased at an auction?


*Photos courtesy of MSN, Yahoo, Pursuitist


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