Anna Wintour’s Twitter Debut

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour tweeted for her first time to celebrate the ruling in favor of equal rights for the LGBT community

Anna Wintour has been relatively quiet in the social media world until June 26th to comment on the Supreme Court’s ruling on US’s Defense of Marriage Act. Although there are people who have created twitter accounts to impersonate Wintour (like here and here), she has never officially created one for herself. In fact, Wintour’s first tweet was posted via Vogue Magazine’s twitter.



Having been an outspoken lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights advocate for years now, it seems fitting that Anna broke her twitter silence for the historic ruling on equal rights.

Hopefully Wintour will join other Vogue editor-in-chief’s like Alexandra Shulman and Franca Sozzani in updating the world in 140 fashionable words or less. Yet, even though over 400 liked and 750 re-tweeted Wintour’s guest tweet, it is most likely the fashion queen will not create her own anytime soon.


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