Celebrity Perfume Roundup For June


Three new celebrity fragrances in the month of June

Celebrity fragrances are now a dime a dozen with every star coming out with a new fragrance or two. You can pop into your nearest Sephora and grab a bottle of Fame by Lady Gaga or Jennifer Aniston and start smelling like your favorite celebrity. This month Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Adam Levine have released information on their new fragrances.

• Taylor Swift came out with her third perfume titled Taylor. During an interview with ET she said that Taylor is a “sweet and sophisticated” scent and that she actually wears it everyday. Swift’s new fragrance is a very feminine scent with a “burst of fresh fruits and flowers, blending luscious lychee and sparkling tangerine with a whisper of magnolia petals.”

• Justin Bieber revealed the packaging for his third perfume, The Key which will be available next month. The bottle fittingly has a removable key dangling on the side which Bieber said, “will unlock a personal side of me they’ve never seen before.” Bieber’s perfume will be on the floral side with bursts of juicy fruits and a dash of musk.

• Although Adam Levine had criticized other celebrities for coming out with fragrances, he has created his own self titled fragrances Adam Levine. Levine explains that he does not necessarily hate celebrities or fragrances, he just does not believe that the celebrities were really involved in the making of the fragrances. Levine states that his fragrance is “very basic and very classic, the anti-celebrity fragrance” and not at all alarming. Adam Levine comes in both men and women.

What do you think, are celebrity perfumes quality goods or should celebrities stick to what they do best and let the fragrance experts do their job?