Glam for Less: DIY Burberry Inspired Jeweled Collar.


After seeing this stunning collar on Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere’s Pinterest, I fell in love and knew I had to dress up this blazer from Forever 21 that I never wear. I prefer a more geometric pattern but you can make yours however you want. Burberry Jeweled collar DIY

1. Gather your materials:
– E6000 or Quick Grip
– A chopstick to apply the glue
– A blazer or collar you want to dress up (Mine is an old one from Forever 21)
– Rhinestones or crystals in the color and style of your choice

2. Lay the piece of clothing flat on your work space so the collar lays up.

3. Apply the glue with the chopstick- try to cover as much of the back as possible.

4. Glue the stones on the collar in the pattern of your choice. I started in the center and worked outward matching one side to the other.

5. I think the most important thing about doing an “inspired by” is not directly copying, so I like to add details that the originals don’t have. I added some jewels to the peaked lapels, changed the color of the stones and made my own pattern.

6. Voila!


Hope you enjoyed this DIY,