Glam for less: DIY Jimmy Choo Inspired Ombre Shoes


choo-DIY-final-EOGFirst photo in collage thanks to InSyle Magazine June 2013 Tablet Edition

DIY Jimmy Choo Inspired Ombre Shoes

Jimmy Choo is known for daring designs and over the top embellishments on classic shaped shoes and the ‘Anouk’ Dégradé Pump is no exception. The best of both worlds- a statement making patent neon and a classic black leather pump are combined in this shoe and it’s pure perfection. When I saw these in the June issue of InStye I knew Eye On Glam readers would want them as badly as I did, so I made them and it was way too easy unfortunately for Mr. Choo! Let us know if you try this DIY, tag us on Instagram or tweet @EyeOnGlam when you post a photo of your new Jimmy Choo inspired shoes. And don’t forget to Pin this!

1. Gather your materials:
Black Pumps- these are Prabal Gurung for Target which are on sale for $20 now!
Fine Grain Sand paper
Painters Tape
Spray Paint in white (to make the color pop), green (or the color of your choice), and clear gloss (if you can find these in a vinyl spray paint that is ideal as this paint will bond, but will likely crack as time goes on because it’s not flexible like vinyl spray paint is.)

2. Sand the area that will be painted.

3. Tape the Inside of the shoe

4. Spray and even coat of white paint on only up to the middle of the shoe where your arch hits. Start far off the shoe to avoid puddling and ensure an even coat. Let dry 5-10 minutes.

5. Repeat with the green paint- (or any color of your choice- I like the green that Jimmy Choo chose!)

6. Repeat with the clear coat- layer several times and allow slight puddling to get a high gloss finish.

7. Let dry overnight.

Need some outfit inspiration or want to skip the DIY and buy the Choos? I don’t blame you! Click the photos below to purchase!


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