Glam for Less: Tropical Print Pants

Mauro Grifoni Tropical print pants

Pants: Mauro Grifoni

A good Pair of cropped slacks can work wonders. I once found the perfect fitting pair and bought them in every color, however, I’ve since worn them into the ground. Once I saw the above pair I was totally in love- but at close to $300 for a pair of slacks that might not be in style next year? I wasn’t convinced. Then I saw the below pair at H&M- how amazing are they?? I think I like them even more than Mauro’s version! At only $35, I feel like I scored majorly. Check out the rest of the Conscious Collection at H&M stores and read about their recycle program here.

H&M conscious collection pants

Photo thanks to Fashion Addict

Check out all my favorite printed trousers below!

P.S. H&M Has cropped trousers like these in every color right now, I even replenished my wardrobe with a few pairs!



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