Glam for Less: The Bar Cart


Glam for less,
The Bar Cart

Bar carts are having a huge moment, I remember being a kid at parties and the gleaming carts adorned with crystals and pretty bottles were always off limits! Well now I’m an adult and I want my own! It seams like everyone is finding gorgeous genuine vintage Hollywood-glam carts to display their decanters and gold rimmed flutes on… So, recently I was feeling envious because I didn’t have time to sift through antique stores or craigslist to find that perfect piece and I thought I’d never find it! Thankfully I found several options for classic and modern styles in a slew of price ranges.. all online so it can be delivered right to your door! Be sure to check out the Threshold version from Target- it’s a little plain but it’s only $130 and I checked and it got great reviews!!

Xx Kier

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