This Kid Got SWAGGER!!

Tumblr Alonso Mateo

We live in a world where Instagram is our new fashion bible . Take note people, everyone’s watching your SELFIE!!!!!

Over a year ago, Thru mutual latin friends, i came across @luisafere Instagram page. A freelance stylist but more importantly mother to a 5 year old ROCKSTAR , Alonso Mateo.

Alonso, is not your usual 5 year old. Born in Monterrey Mexico, now living in Laguna Beach Cali, Alonso has over 60k fans on Facebook. Making cameos in Rapper/producer/genius Pharell’s newest rap video, and over 100k instagram followers on his moms, if you look below you will know why.

Looking like he just stepped off the Red-carpet channeling Dames Dean with a mix of David Beckham , Alonso’s style is impeccable (thanks to his mom) . He hasTumblr Alonso Mateo alonso-mateo-five-year-old-kid-is-the-new-style-icon-of-instagram 6(68) every major stylist in Hollywood going gaga. Rocking every high-end designer like Tom Ford, Gucci and Dior with his signature sunglasses and all saints boots, who wouldn’t want to follow this up and coming rockstar. When he walks down the street, people can’t stop to ask for a pictures. His mom says that ” he does until he gets too tired “(too cute).

I can solemly swear this kid is the BEST DRESSED child in History! Now Bow Down :)


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