Oscar de la Renta’s Fall Ad Campaign On Instagram

Oscar 9

Weeks before the September issue of all the fashion magazines, Oscar de la Renta decided to debut his fall ad campaign on Instagram

If you already follow OscarPRGirl on Instagram, then you have probably seen Oscar de la Renta’s fall ad campaign. The digital world has created an easy way for brands to reach consumers and Oscar de la Renta is taking advantage of this by releasing his ad campaign through OscarPRGirl’s Instagram account.

Even though the thick September issue of magazines such as Vogue are weeks away from being available to the public, by releasing his ad campaign via Instagram, Oscar de la Renta is making his brand available. While the advertisements will be released on Instagram, Oscar de la Renta will also simultaneously make items available for presale on their digital flagship, oscardelarenta.com.

According to Alex Bolen, Oscar de la Renta chief executive officer (via WWD), “One can measure clicks and see how much the cash register rings. Are we making decisions based on that today? Yes. Is it at this point a radical departure from past practice? No. But could experiences like this, if they are successful, lead to big changes? Absolutely.”

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*All photos courtesy of OscarPRGirl’s Instagram